X-Rite ColorChecker Video XL and case

X-Rite ColorChecker Video XL and case

  • €365.00

ColorChecker Video XL
Reach your ideal color location faster!

The ColorChecker Video XL is supplied in an extra-large format so that you can easily capture the color card even at greater distances and wider angles. It offers the same chromatic colors, skin tones and gray reference swatches as the ColorChecker Video in standard size - twice the size. No longer do you need to move your camera closer to the color chart or adjust the focus length of your lens. Record under the same lighting conditions that fall on your subject and minimize color casts from any ambient light. You can also increase the recording resolution so that you can work more accurately in post production. The ColorChecker Video XL works like popular tools for filmmakers, e.g. waveform, vectorscope, zebra values ​​etc.

The X-Rite ColorChecker Video XL is intended for longer and further settings when the distance between your camera and the object is too great to be recorded with a smaller color card.

Ideal for large production environments such as:

• Cinema widescreen format: landscape, city views, your own sets
• Event recordings: concerts, churches, sports, stage
• Film recordings from the air

If you use a ColorChecker Video XL color card for recording, you will get To a carefree, color-balanced, consistently neutral, and ideally lit location faster than ever before. An indispensable color tool that will save you valuable time - from pre- to post-production.

ColorChecker Video XL is an extra large, stable and robust all-in-one color card. The color card is available as a single product or together with two different protective covers: You can choose between a simple protective cover or a fully configurable carrying case.

XL video color chart
Contains color fields:

• Chromatic colors: six saturated and six unsaturated color fields, which are matched to the vectorscope primary colors
• Skin tones: Six color fields from light to dark with different shades
• Gray tones: four larger levels for an even gray balance, including white, 40IRE gray, dark gray and high gloss black
• Linear gray scale: six levels for an even gray balance, including highlight and shadow areas
• Test fields for the lighting: black and white fields at two corners for better support in determining uniform lighting.

Use the ColorChecker video color cards for various applications, eg:
• Setting the ideal exposure
• Color matching between several cameras
• Color correction
• Gray balance
• Editing mixed lighting conditions

Third-party software support
ColorChecker Video will soon be supported by third-party software solutions for more efficient color correction:
• DaVinci Resolve
• 3DLUT Creator

Physical Specifications
• External dimensions Height x Width: 53.3 x 37.5 cm
• Color swatch area height x width: 50.3 x 33.1 cm
• Thickness: 0.3 cm
• Humidity range: 85% or less, not condensed

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