X-Rite ColorChecker Mini Gray Balance Card

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X-Rite Mini ColorChecker Gray Balance Card
Perfect color starts in your camera

Use the ColorChecker® gray balance target for spot measurements of the exposure - so you can be sure that the exposure is as accurate as possible. The ColorChecker gray balance target is a smaller version of the 18% gray reference that is used in the ColorChecker Classic. This standard is a highly precise, neutral surface and guarantees a uniform reflection of red, green and blue in all lighting conditions.

The perception of white is highly dependent on the environment. In daylight, a pure white appears colder than, for example, in neon light, where it appears greener. With the ColorChecker gray balance target, you can adjust the color sensitivity of your digital camera to the respective lighting conditions. Even in a controlled studio environment, a correct gray balance is necessary for optimal reproduction of the given customer colors for each new photo session.

Areas of application for the ColorChecker gray balance target:

• Digital photography: gray balance and exposure measurement , use for the white balance of your digital camera under different lighting conditions.
• Analog photography: testing film, light, filters and paper
• Film, video and TV: gray balance for configuring and testing cameras, light and film.

Small and handy, and with only 10.1 x 17.8 cm, it is ideal for spontaneous recordings on the go!

• The ColorChecker® gray balance target is a smaller version of the 18% gray reference that is used in the ColorChecker with 24 colors. The high-precision surface has been scientifically determined and is spectrally neutral.
• Suitable for exposure metering and gray balance.
• Use for white balance of your digital camera under various lighting conditions.
• Small and handy, only 10.1 x 17.8 cm

Technical information
Number of colors: 1
Color description: The ColorChecker gray balance target consists of the same material as the 18% gray reference in the ColorChecker with 24 colors.
Format: 10.1 x 17.8 cm
Shipping weight: approx. 230 g· Temperature range for normal use of the housing: 0 ° - 40 ° Celsius

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