Upgrade Innovations Universal Mounting Spud 3/8″ & 1/4″

  • €20.00

*Usually delivered in 14 workdays

The 15mm mounting spud has 1/4-20″ and 3/8-16″ male or female threads. The combination of threads is ideal for quickly mounting any accessory you have. Spuds come with captive and friction o-rings to keep accessories in place while adjusting or loosening.

Combination of 1/4-20″ and 3/8-16″ threads allow you to change thread size quickly

Cross holes help wrench the pins into place with a standard Hex-Key.

Universal Mounting Spud is 2.5″ to give more clamping area

Comes with O-rings for customizing O-ring grooves. The O-ring selection allows you to control the 15mm clamp device: choose slip, friction or captive fit.

Solidly built with Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.

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