TVLogic VFM-055A 5.5" OLED 3G-SDI & HDMI Monitor

  • €1,024.32

Product Highlights

  • 5.5" 1920 x 1080 3G-SDI & HDMI Monitor
  • Waveform, Vectorscope & Audio Meter
  • 17,000:1 Contrast Ratio OLED Screen
  • 160° Viewing Angle
  • 3G-SDI & HDMI Input/Output & Conversion
  • Multiple Safety Area & Marker Functions
  • Supports Popular Camera LUTs
  • 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack
  • USB-Based Firmware Updates
  • Tally, Grayscale & Color Bar Functions

The TVLogic VFM-055A is a 5.5-inch OLED (organic LED) on-camera viewfinder monitor with native 1920x1080 resolution. It offers truly cinematic image quality with deep blacks, wide-gamut color reproduction, a very wide viewing angle, and support for multiple video formats via 3G-SDI and HDMI 1.4 inputs. Useful functions include cinema camera log-to-linear LUT conversion, HDMI-SDI cross-converted output options.

      Select the normal 4:2:2 10-bit 3G input format, or choose among a range of 4:2:2/4:4:4/10-bit and 12-bit settings. Customize your viewing area using the VFM-055A's multiple marker and adjustable safety area functions including line color, thickness, and area transparency. Additional features include horizontal/vertical image flip, timecode settings, image zoom, auto/manual aspect ratio selection, blue and mono-only modes, and select DSLR scale and aspect ratio compatibility. Pro-style focus assist functions like color and mono in-focus boundaries help your assistant keep your image sharp.

      The VFM-055A's DC-in connection doubles as a tally input, enabling front and rear tally functions. Additional interfaces include a USB port for firmware updates, and a stereo audio-out jack. Constructed from cast aluminum, the VFM-055A has an integrated Sony L-Series type battery mount, and includes an AC power supply and an acrylic screen protector.

      Key Features

      • High 17,000:1 contrast ratio with 350 cd/m² brightness
      • 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI (HDCP) input and output
      • HDMI-to-HDMI / HDMI-to-SDI / SDI-to-HDMI / SDI-to-SDI conversion output
      • Slim, sleek design
      • Waveform, vectorscope, and audio-level meter for precision monitoring
      • 160° viewing angle
      • 3.5mm stereo audio-out jack
      • Control knob and buttons on top of monitor
      • Blue-only, monochrome, and focus assist modes
      • Range error, and Luma (Y) zone check (color/zebra) functions
      • Internal pattern generator (0~100% gray/color bar/PLUGE)
      • Markers and safety areas such as center marker, marker size, and thickness adjustment
      • Use pixel-to-pixel to display unscaled images, and zoom to enlarge your original image
      • Zoom scroll function (left/right, top/bottom)
      • Integrated Sony L-Series battery bracket
      • Firmware updates via USB cable or thumb drive

      LUT Support

      • S-Log1
      • S-Log2
      • S-Log3
      • Log-C
      • C-Log
      • RED Gamma3
      • RED Gamma4

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