Teradek COLR Duo Camera Control Bridge/LUT Box

  • €1,490.00

The Teradek COLR Duo Camera Control Bridge/LUT Box is a wireless camera control bridge and 3D LUT box. This alternative to the Teradek COLR offers two 3G-SDI outputs with independent 33-point 3D LUTs. 3G-SDI signals are input to the COLR Duo and output with a LUT applied, providing a way for DITs and colorists to match looks across different cameras and different display devices (monitors, tablets, etc.). This compact device enables storage of multiple CDL and 3D LUT presets, integration with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro, and monitor calibration with SpectraCal's CalMAN software. Log and RAW signals can be live graded using Pomfort LiveGrade Pro (free trial available) and output via the COLR Duo. The COLR Duo has a built-in video scaler, a deinterlacer, a frame rate converter, and custom OSD tools. It also features a test pattern generator for calibration, an OLED display, joystick navigation, and a WebUI for look management, camera control, and network configuration. The COLR Duo integrates with Teradek's Connected Set, designed to provide a seamless workflow using multiple components such as the Bolt, Cube, and LOKR.

Outputs Two Independent LUTs

Each of the two 3G-SDI outputs can be configured independently, enabling the use of LUTs specific to each display device

Store Customizable Looks

Multiple presets, combining CDL 1D and 33-point 3D LUTs (with 10-bit color), can be stored for quick conversion or custom looks

Works with Pomfort LiveGrade

Integrates with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro, offering color grading over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB

RAW and Log Signal Conversion, Ethernet Camera Control

Converts RAW and Log signals for live monitoring, and enables wireless control for Ethernet-enabled cameras, including ARRI, Panasonic, Phantom, as well as working with FoolControl for RED cameras

Works in Teradek's Connected Set

Seamlessly integrates into Teradek's Connected Set workflow

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