SpectraCal VideoForge

SpectraCal VideoForge

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Turn your Mac or Windows machine with AJA or Blackmagic Design IO device into an automated test pattern generator

VirtualForge software is the innovative and convenient alternative to hardware-based pattern generation, using a Thunderbolt port or PCIe slot on your computer with popular AJA Video or Blackmagic Design output devices to provide reference test patterns for monitor calibrations.

Fast synchronisation with CalMAN

VirtualForge syncs automatically with CalMAN software, generating hundreds of patterns in minutes. Use VirtualForge to calibrate the internal settings of your display or monitor and to create corrective 3D LUTs for supported hardware devices and software programs. VirtualForge also includes ColorChecker patterns for SpectraCal's free monitor testing and analysis software - CalMAN ColorMatch.

Easy 3D LUT calibrations

VirtualForge is an RGB-triplet pattern generator, capable of providing thousands of patterns for display calibrations. Because VirtualForge can create any color swatch on the fly, it's the perfect pattern generator for 3D LUT calibrations with CalMAN Studio software. With VirtualForge as a pattern generator, 3D LUTs are faster, easier and completely automated.

Optimised hardware integration.

VirtualForge supports AJA Video and Blackmagic Design output devices and is capable of generating patterns via SDI or HDMI for any format used by the connected device including HD and 4K. The VirtualForge software pattern generator is as versatile and as accurate as standalone hardware generators but won't break the bank. Designed to work with the hardware devices you already have on-hand, VirtualForge is an easy, convenient solution for those seeking reference-level test patterns for their display calibrations.

VirtualForge Certified Video Output Devices


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