Sonnet Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kit (Basic Edition)

  • €215.80

Expansion for Mobile Rack Devices

Sonnet's Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kit enables you to install one full-height or two half-height 5.25" form factor mobile rack devices inside the Echo™ Express III-R or xMac™ Pro Server rackmount enclosure. You can install a variety of devices up to 8" in length inside the mobile rack kit—devices ranging from LTO tape drives to Blu-ray burners to shuttle drive enclosures for 3.5" hard drives or 2.5" SSDs are compatible—and connect them to cards installed inside the Echo or xMac Pro Server chassis to further expand your tools at hand. An integrated 100W power supply powers the devices, while a quiet 80 mm fan cools them. If you need to install only one half-height device, blank plates are included to allow you to cover the remaining space to keep a clean look.


Basic Edition Includes You Add Companion Products

Mobile Rack Device

Mounting Kit

    Your own mobile rack devices

    PCIe cards and cables

      Echo Express III-R

      xMac Pro Server

      Optical Thunderbolt Cables

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