Leader LV5350 SDI Test Pattern Signal Generation License

The SDI signal generation function supports HD-SDI to 12G-SDI. For the pattern, you can select the HD multiformat color bar, the 4K multiformat color bar, or the flat field pattern, which allows you to select any level. You can also overlay a moving box or insert embedded audio. When SER23 is installed, the HDR color bar can be output.
*The SDI signal generation function of 12G-SDI /6G-SDI requires LV5350-SER28.
*LV5350 is output from the SDI output terminal 2 according to the output setting.
  • Output pattern
    100% color bar, 75% color bar, HD multiformat color bar (*1), 4K multiformat color bar (*1), color raster, gamma, cross hatch, 10 step, limit lamp, check field, lip sync pattern (LV5350-SER20 is required), HDR color bar (LV5350-SER23 is required) (*1)
  • Scrolling (*2) 
    ・Direction : Eight directions (up, down, left, right, and their combinations)
    ・Speed : Range and Unit Per frame (field) 4 to 124 dots, in 4 dot steps
  • Moving Box (*2) : ON / OFF
    ・Speed : 1 to 3
  • Embedded Audio
    ・Number of Embedded : Channels 16 channels max. (*3)
    ・Embedding On/Off : On/off at the audio group level
    ・Audio Level : -20d BFS, -18 dBFS, 0 dBFS, Mute
    *1 It cannot be set in horizontal 1280, 4096, and 2048 pixel format.
    *2 Either scrolling, or moving box can be turned on.
    *3 For 4096×2160 6G and 2048×1080 3G-B-DL, only 8 channels are embedded.

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