Inovativ AXIS Wheels with Brakes

4-6 weeks lead time


Rough ground, gravel and electrical cords are a worry of the past. Keep your stand rolling smoother than ever with the INOVATIV’s revolutionary 8″ AXIS Wheels and Brakes. These high-quality and light-weight wheels easily connect to stand’s that are equipped with 1″ square tubing legs and are designed to offset the center of gravity for increased stability.

AXIS Wheels are equipped with INOVATIV’s 8” premium quick-release wheel system. Each wheel is comprised of both strong steel adapters and lightweight aluminum caster parts that feature 100% sealed bearings and INOVATIV’s powerful foot brakes. The wheel system was designed to offset the center of gravity for increased stability.

The footprint of the wheels with brakes is 37.77” wide and 46.39” long. It has modular components that include INOVATIV’s well-known wheels and casters to give your stand a smoother ride. 

The wheels are made of machined 6061 aluminum and are lightweight at around 6.5 pounds per wheel. Easy to install and remove, each wheel connects via a steel sleeve with locking handle. The three swiveling pneumatic wheels, with foot brakes, and sealed bearings mount onto your stand’s 1″ square tubing legged stands using the included mounting hardware. 

With the knob on each caster you can have the ability to lock the wheels in to allow for the stand to move fluidly back-and-forth without the wheels swiveling around or leave it unlocked for allowing side-to-side and forward-and-backward adjustments.

Also included in the kit are three draw-string wheel bags made of Cordura-style material for easy storage when they are not in use.

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