G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle Pelican Case

  • €312.02


Built with dent-and shatter-resistant materials and designed to be carry-on compliant with most major airlines, the G-SPEED™Shuttle Protective Case by Pelican is a formidable suit of armor to help protect a G-SPEED Shuttle device from location to location. Customized foam padding offers added shock absorbency to protect against bumps and vibrations, and it comes with dedicated cable compartments to help keep everything tidy and organized. Combined with a limited lifetime warranty from Pelican Products, Inc., you get a dependable way to help keep your storage for all your important footage safe while you travel.

Product Details
Virtually Unbreakable Armor
An injection-molded case built out of dent-and shatter-resistant HPX resin provides a lightweight, airtight and watertight way to transfer your G-SPEED Shuttle device from location to location.

Carry-on Compliant
Built to meet the carry-on requirements of most major airlines, reducing the need to check in a G-SPEED Shuttle device and other important storage accessories, so you can keep your footage close by when you fly.

Customized Foam Protection
Shock-absorbent foam helps protect a G-SPEED Shuttle device from sudden bumps or ambient vibrations, and comes with a dedicated slot for a G-RAID™dual drive or smaller G-Technology™drives. Two options are available to accommodate ev Series portable drives or spare module drives.

Cable Storage Compartment
A dedicated compartment to store all the cables you’ll need on a shoot helps keep your gear organized, while minimizing how much space you’re using when traveling between production sites.

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