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– to maximize the comfort factor
– to gain convenience and excellent adhesion, thanks to soft foamcore
– for its' great adjustment to the eye
– for its' high sweat absorbency in the summer and warm up during winter
– to provide hygiene while operating

The product is made of soft foamcore, coverd with a high quality meterial of your choice:

(high quality fabric of chamois or suede like structure; gives maximum absorbency)

Fleece and microfiber types are available in many colours. Additionaly, it is possible to have microfiber dyed with a print of your own creation. Chamois leather is natural and undyed therefore these are only available in ecru. The possession of eyecushions in various colours enables you to easily distinguish your camera while working with the crew. Two shapes of eyecushions are on offer, oval (S, M, L, XL) and circle (S, M), matching different types of viewfinders.

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