DECIMATOR MC-DMON-9S 9-Channel openGear 3G/HD/SD Multiviewer

DECIMATOR MC-DMON-9S 9-Channel openGear 3G/HD/SD Multiviewer

  • €980.00


Decimator's MC-DMON-9S 9-Channel openGear 3G/HD/SD Multiviewer lets you view up to nine sources on a single monitor in an openGear form factor. Useful in studio or A/V situations which employ openGear cards, the MC-DMON-9S can accept 9 SDI inputs of the SD, HD, or 3G variety. Each input auto-detects what kind of signal is being received in order to properly scale it to the monitor. Multiple viewing modes are built-in and recallable, and you can use Decimator's USB control panel to save and load custom presets.

  • Supports both 3G-SDI level A and B on the input and output and allows conversion between levels A and B
  • Includes standard layouts and supports custom layouts
  • Customizable display overlays (can be enabled individually on each channel): 16 character UMD overlay, 16 channel audio metering overlay, format status overlay, safe action and title safe overlays, center cross, audio ID.
  • Save and load custom layouts via USB
  • Input switching with full-screen scaling
  • Selectable output format in both full-screen and multi-viewer mode
  • Low latency buffering for each input allowing non-synchronous inputs
  • Auto-detection on all inputs
  • Pass-Through mode allowing any of the 9 inputs to be selected and routed to the SDI output
  • USB port for control and firmware updates
  • openGear DashBoard for control

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