CVW BeamLink-Ultimate

CVW BeamLink-Ultimate

  • €9,350.00


BeamLink-Ultimate is the First All-In-One Wireless Transmission system in the industry that supports High-Definition Video, Voice Intercom, Tally and RS232/422/485 control signals simultaneously over wireless link. CVW designed it specifically for the requirements of multi-camera scenario in the live broadcasting applications. It has excellent multi-channel wireless transmission capability and comprehensive functions.

Product features


  • Complete Cable-free Four-Camera Transmission: 1080p60 video + voice intercom +Tally+ RS232/422/485 control signals; 
  • High spectrum efficiency: transmits 4 channels video, data, voices and control signals in just one RF channel; 
  • Support SDI+HDMI inputs and outputs, widely adapt to various types of cameras, switch consoles; 
  • Support full-duplex voice intercom; 
  • Up to 500m/1600ft transmission range (LOS); 
  • The receiver supports RTSP streaming; 
  • DFS Certified. 

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