9 Solutions Barracuda Clamp

  • €37.73

Product Highlights

Load Capacity: 19.96 kg
Weighs: 0.45kg
6 cm Jaw Opening
5/8" Receiver
Fits all Super Clamp Accessories
Kipp Lever for Tight Spaces

Capable of exerting very strong clamping force, the Barracuda Clamp from 9.Solutions has jaws that open up to 6 cm to grip gear weighing up to 19.96 kg. Strength and efficiency has guided the clamp's design at every stage from its uniquely-shaped mouth for grasping a variety of objects, to the true snap-in socket that clamps down on 5/8" pins automatically to make possible 1-handed operation. There's even a Kipp lever for optimal positioning of its handle in tight spaces. The versatile, adaptable Barracuda Clamp is also compatible with all Super Clamp adapters and studs to allow you to mix the 2 systems.

  • No friction in clamping mechanism when opening and closing
  • Strong clamping force
  • Fits with all Super Clamp adapter pieces and studs
  • Snap-in socket locks down on 5/8" pins when inserted
  • 6 cm mouth opening
  • Kipp lever for tight spaces


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